Silicon milkroundabout

Silicon Milkroundabout operates the UK’s tech startup job fair. Register for information about our future events as a candidate or a company look at the great companies we work with on our startups page, or understand more about the event from our blog.

Morris outline

What people say about our events

I came away with four strong leads, and got a job with one of those companies. Would recommend to anyone.

Really appreciated the recruiter-free nature of the event, and the fact that I was in control of which teams I spoke to.

One of the companies invited me to an interview the next day. I was offered a position by the end of the week!

Creating a category of jobs that didn't really exist before.


A challenge to the practice of big businesses touring around universities and trying to hook graduates.


Silicon Roundabout luring talent away from Silicon Valley.


A job fair organized by the startup community in East London. The event was a great success. And now it’s back.


Cool informality.