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Within your company dashboard, there is a section for your booklet. Upload the info you’d like to appear in the booklet, including tagline, roles you’re hiring for and software/tech stack and we’ll do the rest.

We give one out to every attendee as they enter the venue (with another awesome tote-bag and the trusty map). It’s your chance to appeal to the attendees you want to target – let them know what you do, how you work and what your culture is like. Keep it clear and precise. Make use of the tech stack section especially if you are looking to hire more technical roles.

Check out what it will look like:

Please note if you do not provide information for your booklet page we print a shortened version of your web profile on our website. This is due to specific word counts and the amount of information we can fit on each page.

Last modified on November 24th, 2021