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Truman Brewery, London, E1 6QR
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  • CipyMapper jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

    attended 15 times

  • BBC Here jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

    attended 9 times

  • JustGiving jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

    attended 7 times

  • Gousto jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

    attended 7 times

  • Asos jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

    attended 7 times

  • Moo jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

    attended 15 times

what is Silicon Milkroundabout?

Silicon Milkroundabout is a two day hiring event, where you can chat face to face with thousands of qualified, pre-screened jobseekers.

We believe in quality over quantity, so we issue our tickets based on relevance - we manually vet every single application to make sure they're a match for the roles that you're hiring for.

  • 10,000 applicants > 6,500 tickets issued
  • save thousands on recruitment fees
  • post unlimited job vacancies online
  • make unlimited hires at the event
  • face-to-face chats, no recruitment agencies
  • no hidden costs, one flat fee
check out the highlights
Zoopla Team Quote
"We made 4 hires at the last event and another 3 the time before that. Even if you get 1 hire it pays for itself and saves paying the agencies 20% - we probably saved about £60k at the last event alone!" Zoopla Property Group logo

two targeted days, 6,500 pre-screened jobseekers

our team manually select candidates that match the roles you're hiring for, from a pool of 10,000 event applications

day 1

product, design and marketing

popular roles:

UI / UX Designers

Mobile UX Designers

Visual & Web Design

Visual Designers

Graphic Designers

2D/3D Artists/Modellers


Product Managers

Heads of Digital

Project Managers

Business Intelligence

Business Development

Account Managers

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Growth Hackers

Paid Search Specialists

Display Advertising Specialists

Web & Analytics

Business Analytics

Finance Analyst

Digital Marketers


Marketing & Comms Managers


Social Media Managers

Community Managers

day 2

developers & data science

popular roles:

Mobile Developers

iOS Engineers

Android Engineers

DevOps Engineers

Infrastructure Engineers

Platform/Interface Engineers

Integration Engineers

Electonics Engineer

Embedded Engineer


Development Managers

Tech Leads

show more


Back-End Developers

Front-End Developers

Software Engineer

System Admins

Database Admins

Data Scientists

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence



Test Engineers

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trusted by 1,200+ companies over 17 events

why should you attend?

  • best tech talent
  • brand exposure
  • online presence
  • perks on the day

best in tech talent

team up with the best talent in tech

We handpick (not a robot in sight) the most talented people from the tech industry and get them into a room together. 200 companies, 3500 individuals looking to team-up and kick-ass. They start to mingle, have a couple of beers and lots of new tech teams are born.

who's going to be there?

We make sure candidates in the room are well represented, depending on what skills and experience you are looking for. So when more companies are looking for senior roles, we distribute tickets to more senior attendees.

last event saw

Each event we see 10,000 applications, 6,000 tickets issued, 3,500 attendees.

38% senior

40% mid level

17% junior

5% grad level


an event space

event space layout

Choose the amount of team members or space you'll need for the event.

Our pricing is based on the number of colleagues you want to bring with you to the event. With thousands of candidates attending each day, the more team members you bring the more conversations you can have - and the more potential hires you can make.

event venue image


a high quality
profile & jobs board

Company Online Profile Example

Your company logo and profile will feature on our website.

You get a company profile on our website, which you can add as many job vacancies as you like to. This acts like a jobs board around the event and it's where we direct all of our candidate traffic to. It gets thousands of unique vists a day in the run up to the event.

perks on the day

included in your space...


A free bar all weekend


Free coffee all weekend from the guys at Noble Espresso


Lunch is provided for all companies free of charge

kids workshop

Free kids workshop for companies so parents can stay involved


Free furniture (trestle tables and chairs)

chill out room

Company chill out room


Every exhibition space comes with a power supply and free WiFi

creative environment

Art and tech installations plus opportunities to demo your product, run hackathons

who's going to be there?

"We go to a lot of these events and none really match up to SMR. What differentiates it is the quality of attendees that come through the door, which has just got better and better each year."

Simplify Digital

"Silicon Milkroundabout is a great event, we’ve been coming for 4 years and we’ve always made multiple hires from it."

Kobalt Music

"Every time we’ve been we’ve hired someone - we’ve hired engineering roles for iOS and web - and we’ve also hired product strategy people."

The App Business

"We made 10 hires at the last event and will keep coming back."


"We previously made 7 engineering hires here. It’s a very diverse crowd which is what we’re looking for."

Transport for London

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  • Kobalt jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout
  • The App Business jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout
  • Vodafone jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout
  • TFL jobs in London at Silicon Milkroundabout

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  • post unlimited job vacancies online
  • hire your dream team in 1 weekend
  • save thousands on recruitment fees
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