Top tips for the most effective space

Logo + branding

A clear, visible logo is important. Tell the attendees who you are and what you do from the get go.

Clear roles

Show the roles you’re looking to fill to grab the attention of relevant attendees from across the room.


Showing off your products and having the latest tech at the event to get hands on always attracts attendees to spaces, starting conversations.


Get creative! Host competitions, games and challenges. Anything interactive goes down a treat and is a sure fire way of starting conversations. 3d printing machines will always generate interested eyes..!


Everyone loves a freebie and our candidates are no different! Bring with something that reflects what your company does and it’s culture (or sweets. Everyone goes mad for pick and mix!)


Its not all about talking tech – its about having fun as well! We’re always keen to see the latest in domestic drone technology! 

Last modified on October 12th, 2018