I’m an independent recruiter / I work for a recruiting agency – can I attend?

We don’t accept recruiters or recruiting agencies into our event, and company teams looking to hire need to apply for a pitch space instead of a candidate ticket.

Why aren’t recruiters welcome at Silicon Milkroundabout?

Because our attendees don’t want them there.

One piece of feedback we consistently receive is praise for the absence of recruiters on SMR’s event floor. Attendees feel like they’re in control, they can choose which companies to talk to, and they won’t be pestered or rushed at any point. We want a relaxing, organic and hassle-free environment for everyone involved, because we don’t see a reason why a job fair can’t be fun.

Because our companies don’t want them there.

Our goal at Silicon Milkroundabout is to connect great technology professionals with awesome companies, and we put a lot of hard work into finding these great candidates. Teams pay for the privilege to attend, and recruiters do not. These companies make the event possible, and deserve to get the best candidates.

Because – trust us – recruiters don’t want to be there.

The lion doesn’t want to swim in the ocean, the dolphin doesn’t want to trek across the desert, and recruiters shouldn’t want to try and do their thing at Silicon Milkroundabout. In a room full of companies looking to talk to candidates, and professionals looking to talk to companies, a recruiter would just end up being a third wheel. That’s not a position we’d personally want to be in.

Any recruiters that do come to the event will kindly be asked to leave.

To recruiters – please don’t come along – no one likes an awkward situation, especially us. But we will escort you out.  You have been warned! 

If you do come across, or you’re approached by a recruiter at the event, come find one of the Silicon Milkroundabout staff.

There’s definitely a place for recruiters in any industry, including tech, but there’s not a place for recruiters at Silicon Milkroundabout.

We’re not trying to stoke up some us-versus-them mentality, and we’re not trying to be the cool kids shutting out the nerds (especially because it would probably be the opposite in this case). We just feel like SMR isn’t the appropriate venue for recruiters. It’s great that this rule has been respected in the past, and we’re grateful to the recruiters who respect it going forward, too.

Last modified on January 7th, 2020