Research and shortlist your desired companies

Terry Josephson nailed it:

“The more you prepare, the luckier you appear”. This is your opportunity to talk to and impress staff; often founders, CTO’s and senior developers. Make sure you’re ready.

There’s an eclectic mix of companies offering jobs from freelance and remote roles to C-Level and founder positions across all departments. It goes without saying that some of these will not be relevant to you, so look for companies with roles relevant to your skillset. If they want someone with 4 years work experience delivering systems in RoR and you’re a fresh grad with experience only in Pascal and Java, it’s probably not going to work out.

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Use our company page to filter and search for companies, job roles or skills and read about their missions, locations and team size. You can then shortlist your favourites to peruse at a later date on your profile page, and check out our recommendations for you if you are logged in to your account.

Get to know the companies who’ll be at the event by watching some #TeamVideos. We’ve encouraged teams who have a place at the event to film short videos showcasing their company. You can find these on individual company pages, with more added in the run-up to events.

Last modified on January 7th, 2020