Which company is right for me?

We’ve had a wide range of companies through our doors at all different stages of growth, from pre-investment startup to international household names. It’s not always easy to know which companies to approach, and what sort of company is right for you so here’s a few helpful tips:

Check out what’s on offer

We have new companies and new jobs at every event. We put them up on our company page as soon as they come in. You can filter by roles, skills and tech. Check it out.

Love the product

Unlike in the corporate world, it’s likely that you’ll have a say in the direction that the product takes, at some point or another. If you love the product and the focus behind it, you’ll find it much easier to be inventive and original, and contribute more. It will also make late nights in the office much more tolerable!

Love the team + founders

You spend more time with your work colleagues than your family and your significant other. It’s important that you get along with them and that you trust and respect them, so that your wires don’t cross (too often…) and so that you enjoy yourself and your job. It’s particularly important to believe in the founders, as your relationship with them is bound to be tested from time to time.

Pick the right stage of company

Not all companies at Silicon Milkroundabout are the same. Some have been growing for years, with large, established teams and products. Others haven’t yet reached the first stage of investment, and are armed with an idea and a seat in a local café. Whilst of course, the choice is yours and only yours, here are some pointers to help pick the right one for you:

  1. If you’re an experienced startupster, you might want to meet some of our early stage startups. They are higher-risk, but the flexibility is there to throw yourself into the product, use your experience and contacts to help out, and potentially receive some equity. Early stage startups are often fun and exciting places to work, but they’re certainly not for everyone.
  2. If you’re ready to hop out of the corporate world, we have lots of safe growth stage companies. These companies provide a nice middle-ground between the security and rigidity of corporations, and the passion and flexibility of a startup. They are often well-funded and teams are generally pretty established.
  3. For fresh tech grads, we’ve got handfuls of pre – and post – funding startups. These startups provide less security, but much more responsibility. You’ll normally have to take charge of a large chunk of the product, and you’ll be thrown into different parts of the business.

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Last modified on February 22nd, 2018