What to bring and wear

Wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Most of the company teams will be in t-shirts and jeans. But if you fancy dressing up thats also ok – just be yourself. The Truman Brewery tends to go temperature-mad (despite our best efforts), so please do consider the weather:

  • For spring/summer, wear something breathable.
  • For autumn/winter, plan an outfit that’s warm but not bulky.

There’s lots of freebies to be had at the event so you’re going to want to free up your hands to make the most of them.

A CV – or a business card – is vital in getting companies to remember you. You’ll be in competition with hundreds of top candidates, so be sure to leave your favourite company with something to remember you by – and don’t forget to put your contact details on there!

Make sure you also know the email address that you registered with, for event registration.

You’ll want to ensure you’ve got enough CV’s for the event, but don’t use this as an opportunity to start a leafleting campaign. You should only give your CV to a company if they ask for it. Some may just require an email address or a link to your online portfolio.

Last modified on March 20th, 2023