Q&A with Cachetejack

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Spanish illustration duo Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul create fresh and unique work full of colour, energy, humour and irony in a variety of different mediums under the name Cachetejack. They produced a series of illustrations to promote #SMRnov19 and the first edition of our US sister-event, The Round NYC.

Tell us a bit about your background – who are Cachetejack and when did you start working together?

We met at a Fine Arts University in 2006 and became friends. In the last year of our degree, in 2011, we started to work together as Cachetejack, an illustrator duo.

We became illustrators because of the ability to be able to transform our sense of humour into visual images.

When did you reach your style?

We never planned during University to become illustrators as a profession, but it just happened. Trying to find a common language or voice between us made us experiment graphically to create the style that defines us.

What are some of your favourite Cachetejack projects?

Some mural paintings and personal exhibitions. ‘Fucking freedom’ from 2017 or ‘Think twice’ from 2018 – both of which can be seen on our website.

You’ve created multiple award-winning projects – could you tell us about some of the work behind them?

It’s always a surprise to win an award! When we start working on a new project we don’t think about the impact that it will have. We always try to communicate a message through images, so we want to create work that will make people think twice.

Cachetejack’s illustration of the London tech scene for SMRnov19.

Do you approach projects that are web or digital based differently compared to print projects?

We approach both in a similar way. Our focus is on the ideas – that’s what is most important to us.

What equipment do you use?

Pencils, notebooks and words for sketching. Photoshop, Cintiq and computers for final pieces!

What are the main differences between working as freelancers and working in-house or for an agency?

We are freelance illustrators so we have to always manage our own time!

How do you approach working in the tech world as illustrators?

Tech is a daily topic for us and for society so we are into working in the tech world. We always love to think about what is happening around the way we socialise or live in the current era. We are a tech generation!

The Round NYC team modeled the Cachetejack NYC illustration at the event in October.

What did you draw from when creating the illustrations for SMRnov19 and The Round NYC?

We received the main topic and started brainstorming to see the different directions we could take the topic. We started to sketch different ideas: people working together, communication, multitasking etc.

At our events there are hundreds of design roles available for people of different disciplines at all levels – what do you think it’s important to consider when choosing a new job or project?

In a new job it’s good to feel a bit of risk about learning something new and to not feel totally in your comfort area – so you can really learn the new process and support yourself through your colleagues!

Catch Cachetejack’s illustrations in the window displays and all around the venue at #SMRnov19!

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