About the ‘Tech for Good’ sector

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At #SMRnov17 we had 200 companies exhibiting, all looking for amazing people to join their team. What we noticed was the array of different companies there were throughout the Old Truman Brewery. Everything from established broadcasters to bootstrap startups – we were even joined by the Government.

Given this wide selection, we wanted to find out which sector our attendees were most excited about, with a strong list include the likes of FinTech, IoT, and HealthTech – it was Tech for Good that came out on top. At a time where Fintech is thriving, and Smart Home assistants are everywhere, it is, in fact, those companies that are doing good that people are most keen on.

So we took a look at this sector and a few companies who are thriving in it.

What is Tech for Good

There is some confusion when it comes to defining companies as a ‘Tech for Good’ company. But at its core, it’s all about helping people. This can include anything from assisting them in decision making, helping them connect to treating them or save energy.

Tech for Good companies focus on social change. The revolutions within technology are allowing entrepreneurs to build businesses that weren’t possible just 20 years ago. Below we’ve listed 4 stand-out companies that are building great businesses with the sole goal of helping people.


“97% of people don’t want to go into a care home, but many of them aren’t aware there is an alternative.”

They are focusing on a gap in the market, offering all the benefits of residential care, without the downsides of having to relocate. They provide an affordable service, whilst paying carers more than other providers. They also assist in funding due to the complexities of paying for care.

They’re preventing people from unwillingly sending their relatives to a care home, by offering a top of the range service for more than half the price.

Big Health

“Good mental health without pills or potions”

Big Health’s key driver is to help millions back to good mental health using, what they call, “digital medicine”. They offer a personalised service dependent on each user’s needs, whilst providing constant feedback and also offering a dedicated point of contact.

Their program, Sleepio, helps them identify those that suffer from mental health issues. Upon giving them feedback, they’ll treat those with the most severe problems with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tailored to each individual.

In a time where more people are coming forward about their mental health, Big Health is a great example of how tech can help those in need.


“Making energy simpler, cheaper, greener”

Bulb potentially have the biggest challenge on their hands, as they look to take on the big 6 energy companies. With a 9.8 score on TrustPilot, from 4,000 reviews, it’s safe to say they’re giving their customers what they want.

Bulb is doing exactly what they claim to do:


Signing up and switching your supplier is painless, and that’s mainly because they do it all for you.


Not only do they cost a lot less than the big 6 suppliers, and most others, but they’ll also pay any fees involved in switching your provider.


On top of all this, their electricity is 100% renewable, and they also offer 10% green gas. Meaning that not only are you saving your pennies, but also the planet.


“The easiest way to reach your GP”

DoctorLink is decreasing unnecessary visits to the GP. DoctorLink is perfect for those that take a visit to their doctor’s to get a sore throat, or a headache diagnosed when all they need is some painkillers and some R&R.

Using a clinically certified Symptom Assessment tool. DoctorLink provides personalised healthcare advice, and in the case where a GP visit is necessary, they’ll help you with that as well.

It’s completely free to use and comes in very handy when you wake up feeling a little worse for wear.


“Augmenting surgical performance”

Another that is dabbling in the medical sector is TouchSurgery. The augmented software app is helping Surgeons nail their craft.

With surgical disease causing more death than HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria combined, the founders of TouchSurgery are hoping their digital technology will deliver the help required in order for surgeons all over the world to deliver safe surgical care for everyone.

These companies are all busy doing their part to make a better tomorrow, and the best part is… THEY’RE HIRING, and the links below will take you to their respective job pages.

Elder roles
Big Health roles
Bulb roles
DoctorLink roles
TouchSurgey roles

It’s safe to say, Tech for Good is thriving right now, with an array of companies looking to build businesses for the consumer. Each one of these companies exhibited at #SMRnov17, and we imagine they’ll be a few more in attendance at our May event in 2018.