SMR10 roundup

SMR | | 2 min read

What do you get when you put 180 companies in a brewery, alongside 3000 super-talented individuals and a whole load of free coffee and beer? You get the UK’s biggest tech jobs fair.

Silicon Milkroundabout is over for another year, and to be quite frank we’re a little emotional, but in between hysterically crying ourselves to sleep we’ve managed to put this blog together summing up the event with a few words, a couple of pictures and a video.

When we spoke to our attendees during and after the event the things that most stood out from their feedback was:

  • The wide range of companies – We don’t just focus on getting a certain type of company in the door at SMR. We work hard on getting a mixture of bootstrap start ups, to your big international companies, across a whole range of sectors. We pride ourselves on getting the best companies through the door.


  • The relaxed and friendly atmosphere – We adhere to the fact that we’re not, and never will be, your bog standard recruitment fair, because the truth is that no one likes those type of events. They’re awkward, too formal and far from interesting. We’re focussed on making siliconmilkroundabout as different to these events as possible, and so we’re thrilled to hear that our chill-out areas, ball pits, and alternative approach all work towards achieving a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


  • The free coffee and beer – We realise everyone that attends siliconmilkroundabout has gone out of their way to be there, and a lot of preparation and hard work goes into turning up and working the magic and so we choose to treat everyone. At every event we always ensure we’ve got a free bar and a barista offering free hot drinks on both days. It’s no big shock to us that this was raved about, and you can guarantee we’ll be serving free drinks until the very end.