SMRmay17 roundup

SMR | | 2 min read

Silicon Milkroundabout has drawn to a close for this half of the year but despite the fact we’re stuffed full of free coffee & beer and haloumi fries we’re already excited for our next event.

#SMRmay17 was a fantastic event with some superb companies hiring some incredible individuals. We had a great mixture of worldwide brands and bootstrap startups with some travelling down from the North of England, and we even welcomed a few companies from as far as Canada.

The event achieved some awesome results with successful candidates receiving an average of 5 follow up calls. Our research that we recently undertook also shows us that successful attendees achieved an average of 2 face-to-face interviews. These results rank #SMRMay17 among the most successful events we’ve put together.

Away from the hiring, our attendees were seen enjoying the ball pit, and having some great conversations at our free bar. We also had some great reviews on the live music that was playing whilst listeners enjoyed the array of beverages on offer from our in-house barista.

Whilst we work on making #SMRNov17 just as, if not greater, than our May event, we leave you with some tweets to sum up the weekend.