6 reasons why there’s never been a better time to come to Silicon Milkroundabout

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Whether you’re actively looking for your next role or just curious to see what’s out there, there’s never been a better time to come down to Silicon Milkroundabout this May! And here’s why…..

1. We have a mighty lineup of companies who want to meet and hire people just like you

Where else do you get to be in the same room as Amazon Prime, British Airways or Ocado??

Silicon Milkroundabout gives you the serendipity to explore companies you might not have otherwise considered. For example:

Fast growing startups such as Florence, Dojo and Google for startups

Forward thinking scaleups such as Dice, Gousto and Charlotte Tilbury

Innovative global brands such as Sky, The Guardian, Snap & Playstation

World leading data + AI specialists such as AccRux, Palantir and humanising autonomy

Companies in the public sector such as BBC, Government Digital Service and Home Office

Agencies and consultancies such as Hex Digital, UsTwo and Softwire

Plus lots more!

There’s no other event in the UK where you can explore so many opportunities all in one day. So whatever is most important to you; the role, salary, location, team size, culture, benefits or the company’s mission and purpose, we have you covered.

2. Get a chance to speak directly with the tech team, not just the recruiters

Part of what makes our event so unique is that you get to speak directly with the people you’d be working with. You get to chat directly with the software engineers, data scientists, product managers, designers and marketers who work for the companies.

We actively encourage companies to bring down their founders (for startups), heads of departments and senior team members. So you can cut to the chase and have a good old natter about tech stacks, software, product roadmaps and working methodologies whilst getting low down on what it’s really like to work there.

3. You’re in demand – make the most of it

There really has never been a better time to be in the tech sector so you probably don’t need us to tell you how much your skills are needed right now.

However, there’s two ways to look at it…

  1. I’m in demand, so I’ll just passively wait for all the good jobs to come to me (you must really like LinkedIn).
  2. I’m in demand, so I should fully explore what opportunities are open to me and make sure I’m aligned with one that best suits my needs (cue Silicon Milkroundabout).

(hint: option 2 is the best one)

Obviously the first option will always be open to you but there’s a lot to be said for being on the front foot, and really making the most of what’s out there at the moment. Also, the second option is only available for one weekend only, so don’t hang about.

And in all honesty, having a ‘one to one’ talk with someone (however shy you may be), is always going to be better than even the best LinkedIn conversation.

4. Even if you’re not actively looking for your next move, there’s a lot to learn

Did you know that approximately 40% of people who come down to Silicon Milkroundabout aren’t actively job seeking?

“Well why the heck do they attend?” I hear you ask! 

They come because they’re curious and want to see who’s out there, what the latest trends are from a working perspective and sometimes just to make some new contacts and connections.

The wealth of knowledge our companies bring is pretty amazing. So it doesn’t matter if you’re actively looking for your next move or not. Ask Sony about their latest innovations in VR or Sky about what they’re up to with Sky Glass. Find out about Selfidges being part of the first fashion week on Metaverse. Pretty cool, huh?!

5. We’re not your average job event

We care about creating the best environment for you to thrive. This means we pull out all the stops to make it a no brainer to attend.

Each day of the event kicks off with talks by trail blazing teams to get you pumped and inspired. We have a free bar (you’re welcome) with a live DJ set. We have not one but two free coffee bars run by the nicest guys in the biz. We have the tastiest food from Imad’s Syrian Kitchen. Jeez, we even have a ball pit! If you have little ones then bring them down with you and take advantage of our free kids workshop (focused towards under 10s) and if you have a pooch we’ll have water and treats for them in the bar.

If the weather is glorious then you can soak up the rays on our outdoor terrace. If it’s not then we have plenty of chill out areas for you to take a break inside. By coming down you can also support Choose Love who will have a print gallery showcasing artwork inspired by their logo as well as Choose Love merchandise for you to purchase, with all proceeds going to help refugees.

The location of our event is also a corker so why not make a day of it and explore Brick Lane itself as well as Spitalfields market, Columbia Road and BoxPark which are all a 5 minute walk away.

6. We need to connect with other humans now more than ever

This is probably the most important one!

We love tech and we’re guilty of spending too much time staring at a screen as you (most probably) do. However, we’re all humans! and we all need human connection!

However shy and introverted we may be and however easy the ‘digital’ option may appear, we all benefit from real life, ‘one to one’ human contact and connection. At its very essence, our event is all about ‘one to one’ connections and all the serendipitous things that can occur because of these.

We’ve all got a lot of making up to do over the last couple of years but there’s never been a better time to get back in and start properly connecting again. You never know where it may lead.

So if you’re not already signed up for our event in May, what are you waiting for? And what have you got to lose? (hint – you’ve got a lot to gain!)

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