Sustainability at #siliconmilkroundabout

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We are dedicated to making sure the event is sustainable and produces as little waste as possible. We know we don’t have all the answers but we are keen to learn and understand what’s needed to do better. We always want to be transparent and share how we are making steps towards this.

Here’s a run down of things we are actively doing to support this for our events:

  • Well considered transport logistics and reducing the numbers of suppliers we use.
  • Utilising digital platforms and recyclable materials for event branding where applicable. 
  • Encourage exhibitors to capture digital data instead of collecting paper CVs.
  • Give leftover materials and merchandise to local charities.
  • Contribute to a circular economy by re-using design elements where possible, or designing a kit of assets for multiple events.
  • We will stop giving out cartons of water and instead encourage people to bring reusable bottles which they can fill up at one of the 6 mains fed water refill stations plus glass canisters at the bar and coffee stations filled with fruit. 
  • Continue to use recyclable cups at the bar and coffee areas.
  • Encourage people to think about their journey to the event: to use public transport or, if coming by car, to share transport with others and maximise the carload.
  • We source from brands that are dedicated to sustainable practices and use small to medium businesses where possible above larger chains.
  • Use organic and local suppliers wherever possible to generate a positive community impact and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Reuse/up cycle as much as we can from previous events instead of buying new.
    All tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate sold on-site are Fairtrade. Coffee bean packaging is reusable, we don’t use plastic lids and a lot of the used ground coffee gets collected for fertiliser.
    Printing is all done in the UK and all items are FSC certified – including floor plan, posters, stand numbers, lanyard cards + lanyard stickers – all recyclable in mixed recycling bins.
  • Replacing the physical booklet with a more user friendly online experience.
  • We will stop purchasing new cotton tote bags to give out at the event. Although we do have some left over from previous events which we will distribute at the event.
  • We will use leftover lanyards from previous events – PET recycled satin and have been printed using water-based inks.
Waste Management
  • Recycle responsibly:
  • Bins will be separated out and labeled clearly to let everyone know what should go in each
  • Mixed recycling + general waste 
  • We will use clear bin bags for recycling so that any contamination is visible to the venues waste management prior to collection
  • The general waste we collect goes to energy recovery, nothing goes to landfill. The heat generated in the energy recovery process is then put to further use, to generate hot water and the excess heat is then sent to heat local houses. Here’s a video that explains the process.
  • Educate and encourage companies exhibiting the importance of using eco friendly materials for their production and merchandise. “reduce, reuse and recycle”. We want all companies to think ‘zero waste’ and to take home what they bring on site. 

The main thing we’re focusing on is that this is a process, not a project with a final end-point. We intend to continually review all our processes so that we can be on top of any developments and constantly improving the environmental footprint of the event. We’re a small team and might not always get everything right – so we’re always open to hear from attendees on exhibitors if there’s anything we’ve missed! We’re happy to hear from you at [email protected] and our DMs are always open. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes we’ve made, and any suggestions you have for the future.