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siliconmilkroundabout, is a tech jobs fair that runs twice a year and welcomes 200 companies and 3,500+ job seeking tech professionals.

siliconmilkroundabout is in its 7th year. It was born out of the struggle startups had attracting and hiring good talent. We had such success with 30 up and coming businesses back in 2011, that word quickly spread. Due to a lot of the original startups transforming into game-changing tech companies we now have the pleasure of welcoming a new wave of innovative startups right up to huge tech giants.

“It’s really cool to see all the companies, all the different tech, people and what they’re interested in”

Max Wilmott – Web Developer @ Football Radar

Brand Awareness

In addition to hiring, many companies who exhibit use the opportunity to spread awareness of their brand, or a new product they’re releasing.

Everyone who attends our events have one thing in common, they are all tech savvy, and so make for the perfect audience for companies to test their offering on.

“We’ve found year on year we’ve got really good insights about us as a business and what we can improve”

Thomas Breach – Talent Identifier @ Elsevier

Since our first event, we’ve seen incredible growth from some of our returning companies. Travel app, CityMapper, first attended as a bootstrap startup, and are now a hugely popular international brand. Fintech company, Aire, hired their CTO at one of our events back in their early days, and have gone from exhibiting on a 2-person stand on one day, to a 5-person stand for the entire weekend.

Tech trends

As well as making a name for itself as the UK’s biggest tech job fair, siliconmilkroundabout has earnt the title of a hub of the tech community, with it being an awesome place to snapshot what’s hot in UK tech.

We think it’s pretty cool, being able to see how the trends change every 6 months. Over the years we’ve seen languages such as Python and Javascript continue to increase in popularity whereas PHP and java have declined. The title of a Mobile Application Developer and Machine Learning Specialist has certainly peaked recently, with roles in QA and Ruby getting less and less. We noticed buzzwords such as AI, Internet of Things and Blockchain continue to dominate conversations during a live event.

Other trends seem to be unravelling in the way companies attract top talent. You don’t necessarily have to be in the same city as your employer anymore. Due to the rise in office space costs, offering remote working is as popular as ever. Also with GDPR on the horizon, companies are fast becoming experts in data security and how not to leave themselves vulnerable.

“It’s great to meet the other exhibitors, see what’s out there, and what people are hiring for”

John Scrooby – Head of People Operations @ Masabi

Have relevant conversations

Hiring at siliconmilkroundabout is a unique experience. Given the ever-changing trends in the market, we’re always listening to our companies and understanding which roles they’re hiring for. We then manually go through our 10,000 applicants, only issuing tickets to those who have relevant skills for the jobs on offer.

“It’s the people that really excite us”

Christine NG – Talent Partner @ The App Business

If you’re interested in hiring at our next event on 19 and 20 May or would like to find out more – head to or email [email protected].