removing the middleman

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Hiring is one of the most important parts of running a business. Fill a company with inspiring and awesome individuals, and you’ll have a great chance of success.

siliconmilkroundabout was created to help companies do exactly this. Every 6 months, we welcome 200 thriving tech companies and over 3,500 of the best talent in tech into a brewery to meet, chat and find their dream opportunity.

“The breadth of candidates we’ve met today, we couldn’t have met through other routes that cost more”

Holly Ellis – Director of Capability @ Government Digital Service

By putting these talented tech individuals in front of the companies they truly want to work for, we’re able to speed up the hiring process and remove the need for an external recruiter.

Costs of agency fees

Using recruiters to do your hiring normally comes with a pretty substantial cost, ranging anywhere between 10%-20% of the successful applicant’s salary.

Job: Junior Graphic Designer
Salary: £21,500
Agency fee: £3,225

Job: Data Scientist
Salary: £40,500
Agency fee: £6,075

Job: Lead Developer
Salary: £60,000
Agency fee: £9,000

Job: CTO
Salary: £90,000
Agency fee: £13,500

Total cost in Agency fees: £31,800*

Filling these four roles alone would cost a company a total of £31,800 plus team time. With the amount of hiring that goes on within any company, this cost soon spirals out of control. We created siliconmilkroundabout to offer companies an alternative to hiring that was both productive and cost-efficient.

“If we hire one senior person over the weekend we’ve covered the cost”

Amy Crimmens – Head of Community Engagement @ Red Badger

Look no further, we got you!

Exhibiting at one of our events starts from a mere £1500. Our pricing is based on the number of team members a company would like on their stand – with thousands of candidates attending throughout the weekend. The more team members, the more conversations you’ll have, and the more hires you’ll make.

“It works out as really good value compared to the alternatives”

Shaun Pearce – CTO @ Gousto

The cost of a stand is a one-off, we don’t work on commission per hire – which means you lovely lot can make as many hires as you like.

In addition to attending the event, each company will also get a profile on our website where they can list an unlimited number of roles (yes way). This page acts similarly to a jobs board and gets thousands of unique daily visits in the lead up to the big weekend.

Easy huh?!

If you’re interested in hiring at our next event on 19 and 20 May or would like to find out more – head to or email [email protected].