who doesn’t love a success story?

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siliconmilkroundabout is a tech jobs fair that showcases 200 inspiring companies and welcomes 3,500 handpicked tech professionals to hang out in an east end brewery across one weekend every 6 months.

“We want siliconmilkroundabout to be a staple in our calendar”

Christine Ng – Talent Partner @ The App Business

Without showing our age, we’re currently preparing for our 17th event! We know, we look great for it right?!

Hearing about the incredible success stories is one of the many rewards we get out of running the events.

siliconmilkroundabout success

Fintech company, Aire, have made numerous hires over the years including their Chief Technology Officer, Timothy Kimball – seeing them grow from a 2 person space on just one day, to a 5 person space throughout the weekend. It’s bloomin’ marvellous to see returning companies such as the BBC, who have hired at least 10 of their tech team through the events.

Arcadia came in May ‘17 and hired 3 people, 1 in product and 2 in engineering, all are settling in and being well looked after by the team. Zoopla Property Group were chuffed they made a total of 7 hires across 2 events, saving them thousands in recruitment fees.

“We hired a really good Mobile Engineer last year”

Toby Wright – CTO @ The Telegraph

It’s also a joy to see companies return with new colleagues they hired at previous events. Three of the four team members that attended with Panaseer, in Nov ‘17, previously met the company at past siliconmilkroundabout events and subsequently hired.

We caught up with Christine Ng from The App Business who was thrilled to tell us she had previously attended as a candidate and was now on the other side of things, hiring for their team. They also had huge success in hiring a Junior Developer a few events ago who is now their Lead iOS Engineer.

“We hired someone that came from London, and relocated to Montreal”

Stella Fleury – International Talent Attraction @ Talent Montréal

From bootstrap to global pioneers

Over the years, we’ve also seen some amazing growth in companies that attended as a bootstrap startup and are now smashing it all over the globe.

SMR veterans MOO and CityMapper have attended almost every event since the beginning, and companies such as Fundapps, WorldFirst, Post Quantum and Checkout.com have all hired at several events, and continue to grow their presence every time.

“We’ve been here twice a year for the last three years”

John Scrooby – Head of People Operations @ Masabi

If you’re interested in hiring at our next event on 19 and 20 May or would like to find out more – head to www.siliconmilkroundabout.com or email [email protected].