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“We’re missing the point when it comes to mental health.” Spill’s mission to increase access to support

Guest Post | | 3 min read

London-based Healthtech startup Spill were founded in 2017 with a mission to help companies remove the barriers stopping their team’s from accessing emotional support. They set out why their platform is important right now. Note: this piece was written before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Mental health is, by all accounts, having a bit of a moment. It’s the topic of endless conferences, training sessions and charity initiatives. A raft of celebrities from Stephen Fry to J.K. Rowling have spoken out about their diagnoses. Depression and anxiety, once completely taboo subjects, are now proudly displayed hashtags on Instagram and the subject of advertising by all sorts of brands, from Ford to Lloyds Bank. It looks like the stigma around conditions like these is slowly dismantling, at long last.

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3 areas of mental wellbeing to nurture while working in self-isolation

Guest Post, Guides | | 4 min read

As many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, we asked the team from Unmind to share with us their advice on how to take care of mental wellbeing during long periods of working from home.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, governments are urging social distancing and employers are promoting working from home. Remote working, particularly under self-quarantine and enforced isolation, poses challenges to our mental health. 

Focusing on three key areas of wellbeing, these measures will help you to proactively manage your mental health while working from home amid the coronavirus crisis. 

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Offshore: how Expensify bring their global team together

Guest Post, Next event | | 4 min read

The team at Expensify

With five offices around the world, Expensify explain how they go about getting their whole team together, and why it’s important. Their Engineering team will be attending Silicon Milkroundabout on 22 November 2020, where they’ll be looking to meet people & discuss their open job roles. Apply for your free ticket to attend the event here.

Check out and apply for roles with Expensify today:

Every year we relocate the entire company to a different country for three weeks for our annual Offshore trip. Together, we have visited Cambodia, Thailand, Croatia, Portugal, Uruguay, Italy, and Vietnam.

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How To Best Negotiate Your Salary

Guest Post | | 7 min read

Whether it’s your first position out of college or a more advanced, senior role, receiving a job offer in development is an exciting accomplishment. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement, but you need to keep your wits about you for just a little bit longer so you can get through the process of negotiating your salary. While your salary is one part of the package, it’s important to understand that it is probably the only part of your package that changes when you get a raise (assuming equity is not part of the compensation package). It’s crucial for long term happiness to negotiate a salary that represents your own self worth.

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