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A conversation with thoughtbot

Next event | | 4 min read

Ahead of Silicon Milkroundabout April 2019 we chatted to Rob Whittaker, Development Director at thoughtbot about working at thoughtbot, the open spots on their team they’ll be discussing at the event, and his current projects

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How to find your dream job

Hiring | | 5 min read

Dream jobs are spoken about like they’re available on every shop corner, but the reality is they’re pretty difficult to come by. And for many, the idea of a dream job is just a fantasy. We certainly aren’t going to tell you what your dream job is, but we will give you a few helpful tips and ask you the right questions that will help you identify this yourself.

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About the ‘Tech for Good’ sector

Tech | | 3 min read

At #SMRnov17 we had 200 companies exhibiting, all looking for amazing people to join their team. What we noticed was the array of different companies there were throughout the Old Truman Brewery. Everything from established broadcasters to bootstrap startups – we were even joined by the Government.

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In conversation with TrueUp

SMR | | 4 min read

Siliconmilkroundabout is known by its attendees as a casual and informal process. We fill an old brewery in Shoreditch with free coffee & beer, art installations, live music and London’s favourite food vendors. We do our best to make our attendees feel relaxed, and so they’re able to rid themselves of the usual pre-interview jitters and meet their ideal employers in a stress-free, enjoyable environment.

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7 tips on how to make your CV stand out

Hiring | | 4 min read

To have a completely successful weekend at #SMRnov17 we recommend our attendees prepare. If you need some tips on how to prepare, we’ve got you covered here.

One key part of preparing is all about getting your CV right, and rather than just telling you this, we thought we’d give you a few helpful tips on how to get this piece of paper to stand out among the rest. It’s more than likely you’ve already got a CV that you’ve used for the past 5 – 10 years, but to keep up with trends, it’s always an idea to rejuvenate the look of your CV every now and then to keep it looking fresh.

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Tech hubs around the world

Tech | | 4 min read

It’d be an understatement to say that tech hubs are thriving in and around the UK. In 2016, the UK secured £6.8  billion in funding – this is the highest in Europe, with France in 2nd place securing £2.4 billion. Whilst still an astronomical figure, it goes quite a way of emphasising just how vast the UK tech scene is at this time.

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