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SMRmay17 roundup

SMR | | 2 min read

Silicon Milkroundabout has drawn to a close for this half of the year but despite the fact we’re stuffed full of free coffee & beer and haloumi fries we’re already excited for our next event.

#SMRmay17 was a fantastic event with some superb companies hiring some incredible individuals. We had a great mixture of worldwide brands and bootstrap startups with some travelling down from the North of England, and we even welcomed a few companies from as far as Canada.

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SMR10 roundup

SMR | | 2 min read

What do you get when you put 180 companies in a brewery, alongside 3000 super-talented individuals and a whole load of free coffee and beer? You get the UK’s biggest tech jobs fair.

Silicon Milkroundabout is over for another year, and to be quite frank we’re a little emotional, but in between hysterically crying ourselves to sleep we’ve managed to put this blog together summing up the event with a few words, a couple of pictures and a video.

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SMR7 roundup

SMR | | < 1 min read

150 companies, 3000 candidates, and 1500 awesome tech jobs on offer.

#SMR7 was our most successful event to date with an incredible amount of hires among our attendees. Our attendees were in great spirits during the event as they conversed with the likes of Graze, MOO and SwiftKey over a drink from our free bar.

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